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SC-KeyLog PRO  

SC-KeyLog PRO is the ultimate stealth surveillance tool for recording computer usage. Secretly spy on remote computers and capture all keystrokes, system logon passwords, chat sessions, visited web sites and much more.

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SC-DiskInfo quickly shows how much disk space is being used by different directories. It displays the space usage in a very nice bar graph. If you keep wondering where your disk space has gone or want to optimize your system, use this software more...

Lost E-mail, FTP or other passwords hidden behind a password edit box? Use SC-PassUnleash to reveal your passwords behind the asterisks (***) fields more...
Pyramid solitaire

The cards are stacked against you in this challenging solitaire game. Pyramid Solitaire is an addictive card game in which you try to remove all cards by pairing cards that add up to 13. If you remove enough cards in time you will advance to the next level more...

Golf Solitaire

Golf Solitaire is an exciting and addictive variation on the classic klondike solitaire game. The object is to remove all cards from the stacks by clicking on uncovered cards that are one higher or one lower than the card on the pile. Time is your biggest enemy: You play against the clock in timed levels more...

Forget the cumbersome Windows start menu! Now you can launch your favorite tasks and programs in a flash using SC-QuickStart's convenient control panel, an effective system tray menu bar or with keyboard shortcuts. This free tool saves time and annoyance more...

Messenger ManiA

Messenger MAniA is a small freeware application that automatically changes your MSN Messenger status. From online to busy to offline and back online again with a custom frequency: Your chat buddies will be suprised. Download (17 KB)

Replace text within multiple files, rename multiple files and directories at once more...

Split files into multiple parts and combine multiple files to a single file more...

Clean Visual Studio C++ projects with ease more...

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